family: vigil

Beautiful night shooting in Park City, which is quickly becoming a favorite location for me.  Plus I love this family who were old neighbors.  Great to be able to catch up with them and their sweet girl!


family: stuart

We had an absolutely beautiful night to take these photos.  It just felt like summer!  

"The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever."



I loved getting to know Maria.  She is a foreign exchange student here from Mexico.  She is so fun to be around.  I am really going to miss her.  Thank you for such a fun hair flipping night!


Penguins and All

My highlight from the night was shooting in an old barn. The little boys was certain there was a penguin in that barn. We tried to find him, but he got away.


seniors: kashe

I loved getting to take Kashe's senior photos. My favorite moment of the day is when he and my little girl had a foot race to the cars. She still talks about it all the time and how she 'won'. Even though she was pretty far behind.


wedding: colt & katy

You would never believe how cold and windy this day was. My bride was such a trooper! She was freezing cold, but is just beautiful. Thanks for letting me be apart of your day.