Baby Caycee

Caycee was a gracious volunteer for me today.  I needed some practice with studio lights and she had just woken up from a 2 hour nap!  She was so good for us and was so stinkin' cute.  I couldn't help but post a ton of photos.

Sweet Sisters

This little girl and her baby sister were so cute and easy to work with.  I had a fun time with this one.


Harris Family

I had so much fun doing this photo shoot.  It didn't start snowing till right before we met.  Then is just dumped on us.  We had fun all the same.  Everyone looked so cute and were great to work with. Thanks!


Miss Mackley

Little Mackley is such a cutie!  We got some pictures of her in her Christmas Dress.  She looked absolutely adorable.  She was such a good sport.


Thanksgiving Photos

I had such a fun Thanksgiving weekend.  I got to do three different photoshoots of family members.  It was so much fun, I had a blast in each one.  Here are some favorites from each:

The 'H' Family

The 'T' Family

The 'P' Family