The Redd's

I had so much fun photographing this family.  They were all smiles despite the cold weather we had.  Their kids were great. They would smile the whole time.  Thank you for the great time!
Redd2010-11.jpg Redd

Redd2010-10.jpg Redd

Harris2010-4.jpg Redd

Redd2010-5.jpg Redd

Redd2010-6.jpg Redd

Harris2010-3.jpg Redd

Redd2010-7.jpg Redd

Harris2010-1.jpg Redd

Harris2010-2.jpg Redd

Redd2010-8.jpg Redd

Redd2010-9.jpg Redd

Redd2010-12.jpg Redd

Redd2010-13.jpg Redd

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Erin said...

nice job, Krista!