These are my neighbors and good friends.  We had a lot of fun with this shoot.  These kids are hilarious.  Thanks guys!

Peless-47.jpg Peless 47

Peless-46.jpg Peless 46

Peless-37.jpg Peless 37

Peless-34.jpg Peless 34

Peless-27.jpg Peless 27

Peless-23.jpg Peless 23

Peless-20.jpg Peless 20

Peless-4.jpg Peless 4


Pehrson Family

What a beautiful family!  I loved doing this shoot.  My husband had to find this location for me while he was driving at work.

Pehrson-10.jpg Pehrson 10

Pehrson-19.jpg Pehrson 19

Pehrson-41.jpg Pehrson 41

Pehrson-39.jpg Pehrson 39

Pehrson-28.jpg Pehrson 28

Pehrson-35.jpg Pehrson 35

Pehrson-24.jpg Pehrson 24

Pehrson-26.jpg Pehrson 26


Robison Seniors

I had the opportunity to take this seniors photos this past week while in Logan.  She is absolutely beautiful! Her and her mom didn't mind me making them walk all over for these pictures.  Thanks guys I had a ton of fun!

Robison-32.jpg Robison 32

Robison-30.jpg Robison 30

Robison-26.jpg Robison 26

Robison-16.jpg Robison 16
Robison-11.jpg Robison 11

Robison-9.jpg Robison 9

Robison-3.jpg Robison 3

Robison-4.jpg Robison 4