Window Shopping

One of my absolute favorite places is St. Augustine, Florida.  I got the chance to walk around the streets for a couple hours with my husband recently.  It was so much fun.  I love to window shop.  I never buy, but love the browsing.  I wanted to sit at this bakery for an hour and enjoy the warm weather.  Home is below freezing all the time and this was such a nice change.


A Friday Favorite

My cousin introduced me to this song, it is one of her favorites.  I had never heard of The Lumineers before, but I love their music.  This song is today's Friday favorite.


A Friday Favorite

I became a big fan of the Jason Bourne series right away.  But the newest movie 'Bourne Legacy' has got to be a favorite.  I loved how they were able to stitch the last Bourne movie and this new one in together.  My husband and I were able to see this in the theater (a shock).  We got to the closing credit and thought the movie was just getting started.  We couldn't believe we had been in the theater for over 2 hours.  Do you like the new movie?


Tavaputs Ranch, Price, UT

Back in June my husband and I took a tour of the Tavaputs Ranch located near Price, UT.  We loved out time there visiting with the Jensen family among many others.  We were there at a workshop for beginning ranchers.  We toured through the ranch and had a lot of different presenters teach us.  We were also very well fed from the Jensen family.  Here are some photos I was able to take during our stay there.


A Friday Favorite

I got a ready two years ago and have LOVED it.  I love reading on the reader much more than an actual book.  But I borrowed an actual book during the year from my Mom.  I loved this book!  It you are a Jane Austen fan then you will also love this book.  It is a proper romance written by Julianne Donaldson, the book is named 'Edenbrooke'.  Attached is a trailer for the book.  Check it out of you have some time!


children: harris

These two girls are adorable.
The little one is a couple days older than my little girl. 
I had to laugh while taking their photos, because she acts just like my little pill.
Glad we got some cute Christmas pictures of them.





Celebration Photowalk

When I was in Florida in December I got to meet a new friend.  Her name is Eva.  It so funny how we met.  We were at a work party sitting across from each other at dinner.  We randomly struck up conversation and found out we were both photographers!  So we set a date to go to lunch and have a little photo-walk.  We ate in downtown Celebration at this amazing Cuban restaurant.  Afterwards we enjoyed walking around taking photos and talking.  It was a great day!  Thank you Eva for the great time. So glad we are friends.


Man vs. Mud is completed!

Who knew mud could get in so many places?  Last year I made the goal to sign up for a 5k.  Luckily I got to run 2 5k's and a 10k.  One of my 5k's was the Man vs. Mud run.  I signed up by myself.  My brother and his wife joined my team.  It was the best experience ever!  We started our race at 9am.  It was one of the first time slots.  There were so many runners signed up for this it was unbelievable.  It is now one of the largest mud races in Utah.  You can check out the official website here.  We ran this back in September and I am just now getting the video edited and done with.  I hit a busy fall season and had to put this project on hold.  I had a goal to get this completed in January.  Woot, that is another goal checked off already!  So here is my completed mud run video if you would like to check it out.  A special thanks go to my Dad who filmed for us and for my husband who took photos.  I'm the one with the GoPro strapped to my head if you're wondering.


Happy 2013

Happy 2013!

I can't believe we are into the New Year already!  I got to ring in the new year with family.   We had an amazing dinner.  Fondue and prime rib.  It was so delicious!  I'm am very excited for 2013.   I am a goal maker and am looking forward to accomplishing new goals in the new year.  One goal is of course blogging here more often.  2x's a week to be precise.   Another goal was in changing some of what I offer in my photography packages.  I am working hard on it right now.  I will have them up and ready to see soon!

Stay tune!