family: miles

Not only did I have an amazing Florida vacation, but I got to take some family photos as well!  It is always so much for to have a change of scenery.  
Can't get use to everything being green when it is January.  
We had a lot of fun as well, because after the photos we all got to go jump in a swimming pool!

 photo 1-13_zps8ff66104.jpg

 photo 3-13_zps25679fbd.jpg

 photo 6-11_zps75e096bd.jpg

 photo 6-11_zps75e096bd.jpg

 photo 2-13_zpsffdb09a8.jpg

 photo 4-12_zpsccff69af.jpg

 photo 7-11_zpsab2d3db1.jpg

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Ranch Mom said...

I love the photos and am so glad you took your time to do it for them!