newborns: myer

I really enjoyed getting to take Myer's newborn pictures.  I was told he has the most beautiful eyes, but I never got to see them, once!  He was sacked out throughout the entire shoot.  He is so adorable.  I especially love the photo of him and his buddy, Toby the dog.  Thank you!

 photo 5-12_zps6e0fd894.jpg

 photo 1-13_zpsb9970816.jpg

 photo 4-12_zps6fd1941b.jpg

 photo 6-11_zpsddf70a0c.jpg

 photo 2-13_zpse163813a.jpg

 photo 3-13_zps120bd319.jpg

 photo 7-11_zpsa86229b2.jpg


Ranch Mom said...

Beautiful pictures, Krista! I love the one with the dog and dog hat. What a good baby.

silerme said...

He is super cute. I love the photos you took Krista. Chelsea you look great and I love the hats!