family: ross'

I just love this family and were so excited they came over to visit.
I use to work with Dan and Erica and we had a lot of good times together.
I am just so glad we got the pictures done in between rainstorms.  
Thank you guys for coming over and making me laugh throughout the shoot.
We loved getting to catch up with you and your cute kids.


senior: bradley

Bradley is an incredible guy. 
He was so easy going and easy to be around.
Thanks for making my job easy Bradley!


engagements: tyler and jordann

What an amazing night I had with this couple,
as we got to run, laugh and play on the beach.
You can tell they are completely in love with each other.
It was fun to sit back and watch these two interact 
and capture some great photos.
Thanks for sharing your sour watermelons with the pregnant lady!
Congratulations you two


senior: rachel

I've really had fun getting to know Rachel over our senior shoots.
What a trooper she was on this last outing.
It was so cold outside, but she didn't let it bother her at all.
She looks great doesn't she!
Glad we got to keep meeting Rachel!