family: griffin

I've grown up with this family and so it was so fun to be able to take their family photos.
They were so fun to watch interact as a family.  All the boys had to make fun of one another.
The girls in this family are just gorgeous and just as sweet.
A special thanks to Brit and Dave for being my assistant when needed!


family: crowthers

What a night! After a delicious cookout together everyone got ready for photos.
We had lots of ideas to try out and I love how these photos turned out.
It was a beautiful night and of course it is so much fun when you get ice cream at the end!

Thanks for everything!


engagement: willis

What a FUN couple.  We seriously laughed our way through the whole shoot.
Brandon cannot keep a serious face and he was always showing off his muscle at random moments.
Everything Brandon did make Victoria laugh and smile.  They get married this fall and I'm so happy for them.

Congratulations you two!


Enjoying the Dog Days of Summer.

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.


family: johnson

I love getting to watch this family grow up.
This year we had a lot of fun running around and laughing.
The boys are so creative and they are such cute brothers to one another.
Thanks Johnson's!!



Beautiful lilac bushes are out right now. Plus they make the air sweet.


Something about summer

There is just something about summer time.  I love how you have new energy to get stuff done.  Be out. Do more. See more.  Or just sit back, relax and enjoy some ice cream.  Luckily I've been able to sit back and enjoy a little more lately.  Have you been enjoying yourself too?  These kids certainly got to enjoy


My Little Princess

Nothing funner than seeing your little one get so excited to be dressed up all pretty.
She knew she was the pretties thing ever in her crown and summer dress.
I just love seeing her personality come through.